What is the legal procedure to apply for joint patta for a flat that has been purchased in 1988?


Patta is a government record containing the details of land ownership, area of land, location with survey details. A patta indicates about the person who has the rights to the property. For this reason, it is also known as ÒRecord Of Rights (ROR)Ó. The person who has his name registered in the Patta is considered to be the owner to be that property. Patta is a legal document which has been issued by the appropriate government. While purchasing a property, verifying the patta documents will ensure that the property is being purchased from the rightful owner as per the Government record. After the purchase of land, the buyer must file for an application to the concerned Taluka office, of the area where the flat is situated, for the transfer of patta to the buyerÕs name, you in this case, to maintain a clear title of ownership.

Along with the patta transfer application that you will be filin gat the taluka office, the following are the documents that you must compulsorily be submitting for patta transfer, they are: Signed patta transfer application Copy of sale deed. Verification requires original documents. Proof of possession like EB bill or property tax receipt. Encumbrance certificate.




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