What is the legal procedure to add name in the 7/12?

A wife whose husband is now deceased wants to add names of her children in the 7/12 of the hereditary property of her husband.


“7/12 extract is a document which is commonly known as Saat Baara and is valid for the state of Maharashtra only. 7/12 is an essential document and contains the following information about the land:
Land survey number -Area of land suitable for agriculture -Changes in ownership -Mutation numbers
-Land type (agricultural vs. non-agricultural)
-Irrigation method [irrigated or rain-fed]
-Includes information on pending loans for the purchase of seeds, insecticides, or fertilisers.
-Information about the kind of crops that were grown during the previous farming season
-Details of pending litigations, if any
-Details of tax paid and unpaid

The first step to add names of your children in the 7/12 is to visit the Tehsildar’s Office. The Tehsildar will require the death certificate of the deceased i.e. in this case of your husband and also succession certificate will be required to prove that your children are the legal heirs. Mutuation entry with regard to 7/12 will also be done.
If your husband had made the will then the copy of the will must also be attached or if he died intestate then all his legal heirs will be entitled to the property. In this case, if we assume that his legal heirs are his children and you then your name would also be added in the 7/12.”

Reference: 7/12 extract is also known as Saat Baara Utara, Record of Land Rights. The 7/12 extract or Utara is an extract from that land register and includes complete information about agriculture land in a rural area of Maharashtra. 7/12 Utara serves as proof of ownership of the land. 7/12 extract is named after two forms that are used to collect information for this extract. These forms are prescribed in the Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Register. – – AHG224 – 202100581 – 123 – 93 – 202100250-20210043-4440


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