What is the Legal procedure for discharge on compassionate ground from IAF?


Yes you can get discharge from your services on the medical ground. Indian Air force has given the option to retire from the services.Airmen/NCs(E) are permitted, in exceptional cases, to apply and seek discharge from service on compassionate and other grounds before expiry of their regular engagement. The grounds and procedure for applying and seeking discharge are quoted in the succeeding paragraphs.

2. Compassionate Grounds. The cases in which it is clear that undoubted
material hardship to airmen or to their dependents is caused by their continuation in
service, can be considered of compassionate nature. These can be broadly viewed
as :
(a) Serious illness of parents / direct dependents where the continued
absence of the airmen will endanger their lives.

(b) Cases where the entire responsibility of the family is resting on the
shoulder of the airman and his presence at home is absolutely necessary.

(c) Absence of the airman from his family will cause heavy financial loss of
the family.

(d) Acute sickness of direct dependents like wife and children of the
airman requiring the latterÕs continuous presence/attendance and care.

(e) Unprecedented calamities / developments in the family including death,
serious illness / disability of a member of the family who was hitherto
supporting the family resulting in a change in the family standing.

(f) Other valid personal reasons deserving sympathetic consideration.

Reference: Air Force Act, 1950. section 14



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