What is the legal action taken for shoplifting?


The shop owners can file a complain for theft under Section 378 Indian Penal Code. The most that the shop owners can do with this information is decide to approach police regarding the shoplifting incident and lodge a complaint for theft under the Indian Penal Code.

In India, shoplifting is not treated as a separate crime but is dealt under the chapter XVII of the Indian Penal code which enlists the offences against property. Shoplifting will be considered as theft under Section 378 of Indian Penal Code. Indian penal code does not treat shoplifting as a separate offence but is regarded as a type of theft punishable under section 379 of Indian Penal code.

Section 378 states that whoever, intending to take dishonestly any moveable property out of the possession of any person without that per­son’s consent, moves that property in order to such taking, is said to commit theft. Section 379 of IPC includes the Punishment for theft and states that whoever commits theft shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both. The shop owners might have other evidence such as security camera recording and eye witness to the theft.




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