What is the legal action for ‘dasti’ summon issued for cheque bounce case?


As you have recieved a Dasti Notice which that means that the summons that ha been served by the Plaintiff to the Defendants, by a specific order by the Court, and not by registered post or through the court order
Dasti notice is basically notice served by hand, in person.

So, it is a notice thatcan be sent by email, but dasti is to be served by hand, either by you, your representative, or your lawyer.
If the address has not been sent is not the correct one,You should ak the sender to send it to the correct address by telling them correct address , they must send once again to ensure all necessary steps have been taken to reach out noticee , by the person to whom the notice sent

But court may not taken any action because it happens sometimes due to that technical mistake , it may be delivered to a wrong address , communicate it to the sender. Common law tells that sometimes the person who sent the notice might be wrong, just correct the problem from your half . if it is not done, then the court may presume that you have not responded then it may go against the noticee.

You need to reply to the cheque bounce notice that has been sent to you, as it is delivered.




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