What is the difference between registry and GPA?


A GPA holder has rights to sale on behalf of individual who has Give him authority to sale on his behalf. If the individual that has given GPA dies GPA is over or expires. Where as registry because of this that registered sale deed. Registry is vage time period propagated with the aid of using belongings sellers to lie to everyday customer of belongings. Registerd Sale deed of a belongings is the perfect report to get possession of belongings.

By PoA (Power of Attorney) you delegate your right associated with certain belongings to GPA holder, inheritor will be allowed to sell the assets on your behalf however in case you are asking about registry associated with sale of belongings then files bearing on sale were given registered in registrar workplace with the aid of using paying needful stamp duty and title of property will be transferred in favour of buyer.

Registration offers protection and safety to transactions regarding immovable belongings, even though the document is misplaced or destroyed. It offers exposure and publicity to files thereby stopping forgeries and frauds in regard to transactions and execution of files.

While drawing variations among registration and power of attorney is that when the belongings is bought to another, such sale deed via which a belongings is bought requires registration in order that it offers protection and safety to transactions regarding immovable belongings, even though the report is misplaced or destroyed.

Whereas GPA is only a device for moving limited rights bearing on the property as well creation of an organisation wherein the grantor authorizes the grantee to do certain acts distinct therein, on behalf of grantor, which while completed could be binding at the grantor as if they are done by him.

Reference: No laws applied – – AHG129 – 202100580 – 62 – 63 – 2021001122021004215634


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