What is the cost of getting a GAP certificate?


Many students drop out of school for one or more years for a variety of reasons. In such situations, they must send an Affidavit to the college/university in order to resume their studies/education. They must claim in the affidavit that they did not apply to any other colleges or courses during the drop year(s).

They must also explain why they are taking a break from the course. It’s also known as a gap year affidavit. The gap certificate, also known as the gap affidavit, is your declaration on non-judicial stamp paper stating the reason for taking the gap and stating that you did not apply to any other college, university, or courses during the gap year. Stamp certificates may be purchased from any notary, sub-registrar office, or court. If stamp paper in the denomination of Rs. 100 is not available, you can use stamp paper in the denomination of Rs. 500.

You should contact local advocates or notary offices, who will prepare the distance certificates for a small fee and have you sign in front of them. After receiving the gap certificate on stamp paper, the candidate must submit it along with the supporting documents to the college or university where they wish to enroll.

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