What is P.O is on transfer in Maintainence Case?


PO stands for Presiding Officer of the Court.

So in your case the Magistrate is transferred and hence the trial of the case would be hled up till a new Magistrate/PO joins.

PO is on EL means, the judge is on leave.
So as and when the Judge returns from leave, the case will be heard on next scheduled date of hearing.
Also, you should await summons before attending the court on next hearing.

When a trail is lying pending before a court and the same jurisdiction is shared by many other territorial or other court the defendant who may have objection to the jurisdiction of the place of trial of the court may after moving an application to all the relevant parties of the legislation may be given with an opportunity to be heard and argue and then the court may determine the merit of the case and order further instructions. In civil cases when the case is for obtain a specific possession of a property it is preferred to file the case within jurisdiction of the court under which the property or any other achievable of the defendant are available.

Section 15 of the C. P. C, 1908 provides that the every case should be filed in the lower court competent to try that matter. This avoids absurdity regarding the jurisdiction of maintenance of claim and place of filing claim.

Reference: Section 23 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Section 22 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908



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