what is meant by VP filed in case status?


First thing first the V.P filed means the vakalatnama for the party is filed and the case is set to proceed to the next stage where in this case it is for final hearing before disposing off the matter. now the vakalatnama can be of either side. since you have not been in touch with your advocate for 9 years which is a very long time you are advised to immediately contact your advocate and take advice and give instruction as how you want to proceed with the case. at times cases are disposed off ex-parte and therefore it is suggested to enquire with your lawyer if he is still atttending on your behalf or not.

Moreever the court do not send for summon on each date of hearing if it believes that the person concerned has been sent notice and it was duly served then the onus to attend the court in subsequent dates is on that person. therefore it is very well possible that the court hears the matter out withtout your presence and deliver a judgment. it is always advisable to not let the court proceed without you being either present or represented by your authorised lawyer.

Reference: final hearing is dealt in section 234 criminal procedure code 1973 for sesssion trail. the argument in case of hearing in high court is on the basis of high court rules. it is expected of a client to be in touch with the lawyer and take regular updates about the fate of the case. in case he is not able to understand anything he must take help from his lawyer



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