What is meaning of steps in case status?


Steps on the E-courts app or website indicate that the notice or summons could not be sent to the other party for any reason, and you must take action. When you, as a plaintiff/petitioner/complainant, bring a lawsuit in court against the defendant/respondent/opponent. When a case is filed against someone, the court will issue a notice and/or summons to the other person or individuals against whom the case was brought.

As the party that filed the lawsuit, you must supply the court with the opposing party’s name and address so that a summons or notice may be sent to them. In this case, the notice was returned to the court because it did not reach the opposite party for whatever reason.

You must first verify that the address you provided is valid, or supply a new address if the individual has relocated. Otherwise, depending on the circumstances, use Rule 20 of Order V of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. You should now approach the court to have the notice published in a publication that has been approved by your state’s High Court.

Reference: Rule 20 of Order V of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 – – AHG170 – 202100581 – 88 – 84 – 202100153202100414789


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