What is listing date in HC and USR?


The listing date is the preliminary or most probable date around which the court will hold a hearing;

however, even if the lawsuit was presumed to be classified on a specific date, the court may not have done so due to a lack of documents or a large number of pending cases.

The term “unstamped Register Number” refers to a number assigned to a document that has been lodged by one or more parties but has not yet been acknowledged or numbered in court.

The listing date refers to when the case is pending before the judge on the bench, and the USR refers to the unique number of the lower court, as the government is attempting to merge the court and courting softwares.

The listing period is the tentative or most expected date on which the court will hold hearings;

however, even if the case was assumed to be listed on a particular timeline, the court may not have done so due to a lack of documents or a substantial majority of pending lawsuits before the courtroom begins hearing the list of affairs.

Reference: Section 13A of the Companies Act depend on a higher level of the hierarchy they will usually not be found standing independently in an Act. – 202100482-20210043-10588



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