What happens if a company doesn’t provide a relieving letter? How Can I join another company without relieving letter? How Can employer deny relieving letter? How do I sue a company for relieving a letter? How Can I join government job without relieving letter? What happens if company refuses to accept resignation? What is the difference between service letter and relieving letter? What happens if NOC is not given?Is NOC required after resignation?


You are not a slave to anyone in this free world. When we enter into employment, usually a contract is signed between the employee and the employer. There the terms and conditions for the exit (relieving) must be mentioned. Now assuming that you have joining letter with you there can be two possible situations:

In case relieving or exit conditions and notice period is not specified and there is no bond condition, simply resign and keep a copy of it and send it through e-mail to your HR on official e-mail id, and keep a copy of the same as proof of your resignation to show to next employer. So, even if your present employer doesnÕt give relieving letter, you can explain the situation to your next employer along with proof of your resignation and in most cases, it shall work for you.In case there is notice period or any other relieving condition like a service bond etc., follow that condition and your employer canÕt deny you an exit after that condition is met.

Indian labor laws are very clear and very helpful. First, you should understand the laws and after try to use it to the best of your advantage.No employer can deny the experience certificate to his employees unless he has cheated his employer or ran away without fulfilling his assignments prescribed by the company. It is every employeeÕs right to receive an experience certificate. Even there is no need to serve on notice period for the experience certificate. You want to serve notice period in companies for your salary.

Reference: IPC – 202100499-20210041-13929



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