What does order status mean and when is the next hearing date?


Case status order means that the hearing has taken place and the hon’ble court has reserved the case for passing its order in the matter therfore it shows status as order such as Miscellaneous Appearance, PE, Cross Argument etc..

If a court orders maintain the status quo on the property it means that two components of the property that comes under the purview of status quo one is the possession and other is the title. When status quo is ordered when a suit is instituted then the person who is holding the possession and title shall retain such possession and title until the suit is disposed of. Basically status quo is ordered to prevent the third party interests in the property that is with respect to leasing, selling, mortgaging, gifting, willing or any acts which is done to transfer the interest in the property under the Transfer of property act.

However if a status quo is ordered then party who is in the possession of the property will be free to enjoy the possession of the property as he feels like, he shall be continue to do his business or use the property as he was using the only restriction is on the transfer of rights, title, interest in the property to a third person. Therefore Status quo does not mean that whatever mesne profits (i.e profits from the property) a person is deriving is to be stopped as status quo is not a stay order there is a wide difference between the Status quo and stay order, a stay order compels the person to start or stop any activity, while status quo is maintaining the status of the property as it is.

Reference: No particular law



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