What does it mean if the case is disposed and nature of disposal is contested?


“The term Disposal Contested means that the hearing has come to an end but the matter was contested by the other party. Uncontested basically means that party has not opposed the case and so whatever has been filed has been accepted by all since no one has opposed to it.When the other party has opposed to the case and has not accepted it, this mean the case was contested

If the case status previews that the case was disposed off or it mostly means that the proceedings in that specific case have come to an end. As in, the trial in the case has finished and that the court has given its final judgement.

while considering civil cases , the case is said to be disposed off after all the issues or charges involved in the case have been considered and taken care of and the decision has been given by the court. Once a civil case is disposed, the party the choice of appealing in a higher court or accepting the decision and not fight the case further. Therefore, if the case status is showing as disposed, it means that the final order or judgment has been passed in your matter by the cour

Reference: Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 – – AHG200 – 202100580 – 108 – 159- 202100190-20210043-11230


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