What does case disposed off means?


A case disposed means the case is completed in the terminology of court proceedings. A civil or criminal case is said to be disposed when all the issues or changes in the case it has been disposed of. It is done on the actual date of dismissal.Ê
The common reasons for case disposal include a dismissal, a guilty plea, or a finding of guilty or not guilty at trial by either a judge or jury.Ê

The Supreme Court has passed an order in Hussain v. Union of India that suggested various steps that High Courts should take to dispose of criminal cases, particularly bail petitions, in a speedy manner. This is the latest case in which the Supreme court of India starting from the Hussainara khatoon case recognized speedy trial as a fundamental right under Article 21.

Most of the orders, including the latest one, stipulated guidelines for High Courts and subordinate courts or lower courts on disposing of criminal cases, including bail petitions and treatment of cases involving undertrial prisoners. These orders further mandate High Courts to frame rules lower courts to implement the principles declared by the Supreme Court.Ê

Justice delayed is justice deniedÓ if the person does not seek justice. Disposal of a case is not the only requirement but a balance between the disposal and non-delivery of a case shall be recommended. We cannot expect justice in all cases in just five to six months.Ê

There is no time limit for the disposal of cases. The higher courts regularly give directions to the lower courts like district courts to dispose of the pending cases. The government is making efforts to speed up the disposal of cases and setting fast track courts so that cases of senior citizen cases, cheque bounce, and village court cases can justice as early as possible.Ê

Reference: No Particular law



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