What does AFR means? What is an interlocutory order?


“AFR” is an acronym for “Approved For Reporting.”

It indicates that the decision has been considered appropriate for inclusion in any judicial report or journal.

The statistics in your case are pending and final non-AFR.

That implies the matter is still open, most likely because you believe some kind of compliance must be completed or reported to the court.
As a result, it has been postponed.

They also haven’t given your judgementÊpermission to publishÊin a legal journal or report.

Interlocutory Non AFR- indicates that the case was heard on the day of listing and a non-final order was issued, implying that the matter will be heard again on the following date of listing for more arguments.

Whereas Final Non AFR means that the decision was final but the reporting was done.

Interlocutory orders are issued by the courts to avoid irreparable injury to a person or property while a litigation or action is pending.

The court’s ability to order the interim sale of moveable property, as well as the detention, preservation, or examination of any property that is the subject-matter of such litigation, is included in Rules 6 to 10 of Order 39.

The principle of res judicata does not apply to the findings on which these orders are based since they do not determine any subject in question arising in the action, nor do they put a stop to the litigation or decide the legal rights of the parties to the litigation.

Reference: Power to order interim sale, Detention preservation, inspection, etc., of subject-matter of suit, Application for such orders to be after notice, When party may be put in immediate possession of land the subject-matter of suit and Deposit of money, etc. in Court are defined under Rule 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Order XXXIX of Code of Civil Procedure 1908. – 202100334-20210043-11457 –


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