What documents are required for tower installation? How can I get a mobile tower on my land? How can I get a mobile tower on my land in India? How do I check my tower application status?


you need not produce any such certificate. Under TRAI, only the telecom company is subject to TRAI regulations. You have, however, to obtain permission of the local panchayat or the municipality for erection of the telecom tower over your property. Also, you have to obtain clearance from the electricity authority if such towers happen to be close to electricity high-tension power lines. In your own interest, please get the agreement executed between you and the telecom company vetted by your lawyer, in order to ensure that there are no unfavourable obligations imposed on you.

Requirements as per rule 5(3) of D.C. Regulation 1991.The covered area required on top of the terrace for antennae / dish antennae.Consent from Owner/ N.O.C. from Co-op.Copy of License granted by Department of Telecommunication, Govt.How to approach TSPs for mobile tower installation? The best way to let out your property for mobile tower installation is to approach the TSPs directly. There are several options available online, including Indus Tower, Viom Ritl, Bharti Infratel, and American Tower Corporation.

Those interested in installing mobile towers either need to have a plot measuring at least 2,000sqft or a roof with a minimum area of 500sqft to be eligible. Indus Towers, which is responsible for the installation of towers of most Indian telcos, is in charge of Jio’s, too.

Reference: Under TRAI, only the telecom company is subject to TRAI regulations. – 202100499-20210041-749



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