What can you do if you do not receive the court summons?


A Summon is a file issued with the aid of using a Court to someone or an entity concerned in a prison proceeding. A summon can be served on someone or an entity calling upon them to seem/continue to be gift earlier than the Court. The summon can be issued both to someone accused of a criminal offense or to a witness in a prison proceeding. The Summon shall imply the call of the Court earlier than which the man or woman is needed to stay gift in conjunction with the info of the case and the date on which the man or woman is needed to seem earlier than the Court.

If absolutely everyone is unresponsive to a summons additionally referred to as prison note the courtroom docket might reply with the aid of using or the route of movement of the courtroom docket might be starting up ex parte prison court cases which might entail the plaintiff proving his declare thru the prison process in addition to with the aid of using evidencing helping his declare. The Courts, provide a threat to the person that isn’t always responding to the summons.

If the motive is geniuine, the courtroom docket will now no longer byskip the ex parte order. As you country that you haven’t acquired the summons, you want to without delay method the courtroom docket and inform them approximately your situation. You want to show which you did not get any summons. You can use movies or eye witnesses if you want to show your declare. In this way, you could store your self from any prison penalty.”

Reference: Criminal Procedure Code,1973. – – AHG41 – 202100553 – 22 – 51 – 202100119202100211688


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