What can you do if a cheque bounces due to signature mismatch?


Cheques are negotiable instruments, which may be payable on demand. When there can be unsuccessful processing of a Cheque due to insufficient funds, incorrect amount or mismatch of signature, the cheque bounces. When the cheque bounces, the payee has to file a jail take a look at inner 30 days of receiving the move again memo from the bank. After this, if the drawer makes the price, there can be no need to file the case. If he doesn’t meet the price, then a case wishes to be filed inner 30 days.

Now first, you can must try and touch the issuer and request that he deliver a modern day cheque, tell him that the cheque has bounced due to signature mismatch. If he issues a modern day cheque, check the signature and deposit it. If he does now no longer deliver a modern day cheque or does now no longer make the price, you have were given the right to prosecute him legally.

Drafting a jail take a look at is not anyt any joke. While drafting the cheque bounce take a look at, one wants to be extra cautious. Since it is intimation about a future jail action, we need to frame the attention accordingly. Once a take a look at is sent, we cannot make modifications and we cannot move toward the statements given withinside the take a look at. Only a jail expert can draft a whole proof cheque bounce take a look at. It can be very heaps without a doubt useful to technique a reputed legal professional and deliver the jail take a look at thru him.

Reference: Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 – – AHG36 – 202100581 – 19 – 14 – 202100119202100243528


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