What can one do if the caste mentioned on the School leaving certificate is mentioned wrongly?

A school leaving certificate has mentioned other caste of a student, he now wishes to get it rectified to make a Caste certificate.


As per your query, there must be another document mentioning your caste. Your father might be having his caste certificate and through which you can apply for your caste certificate in your name from the Tehsildar of your district, you do not need your school leaving certificate to make the Caste Certificate. Even you birth certificate should have mentioned the Caste, it is therefore advisable to check all documents available with you first.

It is not possible to change the caste on your school leaving certificate now. Only if it is a clerical error then you can approach the School authorities regarding the same, however, it would yet not matter a lot for your future studies or government jobs. As far as you get the Caste Certificate it should not matter what is mentioned in your school leaving certificate as the school leaving certificate is more like an identification for name and age. Wherever you go for further studies or for government jobs or even private jobs, they will check your Caste Certificate and not your school leaving certificate. Thus, you need worry about what is mentioned in the school leaving certificate and apply for Caste Certificate based on your father’s certificate and your birth certificate.

Reference: No Specific Law



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