What can I do if people park their vehicles in front of my shop which causes problem to our movement in and out of the shop and I have filed an FIR in the police station but nothing has been done yet?


If somebody parks a vehicle before of shop and if it’s a hinderance to the business of the shopkeeper then the shopkeeper has every right to object and make a complaint about it to the authorities.

Section 122 of the motorized vehicles Act states that no car should be left on a public road in a very dangerous position or in such a way so on cause inconvenience to other road users which suggests that parking before of a neighborÕs garage, double parking, parking on holding, before of outlets or public places not sanctioned for parking is against the law.

Since you’ve got file FIR within the police headquarters they need to have given you a duplicate of the FIR and therefore the stamp on the FIR includes a DD or Daily Diary number; this can be an indication that they received your complaint.

Now you’ll write to the municipal corporation and also the Traffic Police DCP of your district intimating him about the difficulty you’re facing while within the mean solar time you’ll fix a ‘No Parking’ board ahead of your shop and state that it is a tow away zone; this might stop the people from parking ahead of your shop.

Reference: Section 122 – Motor Vehicles Act – No person in charge of a motor vehicle shall cause or allow the vehicle or any trailer to be abandoned or to remain at rest on any public place in such a position or in such a condition or in such circumstances as to cause or likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other users of the public place or to the passengers. – 202100457-20210043-11076



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