What can I do if my Neighbours building work damaged my property? What is legal pocess if Neighbours damage my property?


you can record case upon your neighbor to guarantee harms and get a stay request for additional development And you should objection your neighbor in M.C.D in light of the fact that your neighbor isn’t taking legitimate consideration of your house.Send a lawful notification to the neighbor and request prompt fixes or pay for the harms right away. Record an objection in the neighborhood police headquarters with a duplicate of the lawful notification and request impedance of the police. Whine additionally to the concerned Municipal Authority about unlawful development making harm your home. First and foremost send a notification and request prompt activity film the neighbor.

Pay is must by the defaulter while developing his/her property and harming the property of the neighbor. On the off chance that you have motivation to think that the harm to your property was brought about by your neighbor, you want to know how to perceive that sort of damageSuing your neighbor for the harm relies upon the conditions under which the harm happened. In the event that you can demonstrate that the harm was your neighbor’s shortcoming, you can sue them. Take a stab at going to their protection supplier under the watchful eye of going to court in light of the fact that the court will include robust expenses and exorbitant legal counselors. You might need to think about your different choices prior to indicting your neighbor.

You might ask you neighbor to get your wall fixed or pay for the harms endured by you. In the first place, you might begin with verbal talk and on the off chance that the things are not addressed, go for legitimate notification and record instance of disturbance. It is the Responsibility and Duty of the individual who is building the house not to make any distress or disturbance individuals residing in area.

Reference: the aggrieved person to file an application under Section 156 (3) Cr. – 202100499-20210042-10001



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