What can be done to withdraw a domestic violence case ?


You will need to file an application for withdrawal of case via an advocate. your affidavit might be filed along with the application citing the cause for withdrawal.

You can file an application for withdrawal suit for facing technical difficulty and with the permission of file in the future. The court might also additionally order with permission to file suit in the future. It’s very simple and is executed in first date.

If it is an FIR we are talking about , you may simply visit the police station and provide a withdrawal application in writing and the case might be closed.

If the case has been instituted in Court then you will have to appear before the Court on the next date of hearing and should ask verbally for dismissal of the case and provide a written submission.

Be conscious that, as a victim, your position would not need to be passive. In different words, your position would not need to be confined to attesting withinside the criminal case, or being invited with the aid of using the court to talk approximately your opinions, or retrieving files or evidence.

It’s completely inside your rights to convey your very own civil suit. Bringing a civil suit means that, as a victim, you may sue your abuser for cash to pay in your private injuries, salary losses, mental injuries, or even for price of living.

Reference: Section 498A of The Indian Penal Code – – AHG124 – 202100580 – 61 – 62 – 202100214-20210042-13326


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