What can be done to cancel domicile certificate because I have another states domicile ?


A domicile certificate is a document that verifies a person’s status as a resident of a certain state.

The cancellation of your domicile certificate is legitimate.

You will need to apply for surrender to the authorities that gave you the state’s domicile certificate.

Submit your domicile certificate to the local revenue authorities.

If it is discovered that you have two residence certificates, you will be in serious trouble, and an affidavit will not help you.

Obtaining a Domicile Certificate from more than one State/UT is illegal.

A person can choose a domicile by establishing permanent residency in a nation other than their birth country.

For shifting domicile, the person must demonstrate his or her purpose by acts or proclamation.

Domicile certificates are good for a lifetime.

Domicile certificates are issued by the relevant state government and contain the date of issuance, which is clearly stated on the certificate, but no date of expiry because the certificate is valid for life.

Submit your domicile certificate to the local revenue authorities.

You can apply for domicile of your native location if the state accepts your domicile surrender.

Only one State/UT can provide a Domicile Certificate.

It is illegal to get a Domicile Certificate from more than one state/UT.

Reference: Civil Procedure Code – 202100498-20210024-7386



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