What can be done is facebook account is hacked


If you feel that your facebook account was hacked, then the foremost method would be to inform the facebook about this. The facebook provides you with an option where in you can go and report that your account was hacked, the link for the same can be easily found on google by searching, how to report my facebook account being hacked?
Apart from this, you can visit the cyber cell that are situated in most of the major cities of our country or try visiting the online website to file a complaint in this matter. This might require you to file a FIR as well with the local police station. your Facebook account is hacked. Find and reach nearest cyber crime cell with proper evidence, they will help and surely find who has hacked your account. And donÕt forget to change your password with strong one. You can use password manager to generate strong password and donÕt forget to enable two step verification process. You may also provide your ip address and it denies all ip access except your one! So it is an added advantage. If somebody has hacked your social media account, then it is the duty of the concerned person to get the account blocked as earlier as possible, so that it is not misused. If a hacker has automatically logged in to your social media account (facebook), then the person should not worry. They should directly go to the menu, select the settings and answer those security questions which they were asked at the time of creating the account.

Reference: Information Technology Act, 2000



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