What can be done if false charge sheet filed by police in 498A case ?


you cannot file a case against the police of Telangana here at Ghaziabad. Better way to save you is to file a petition to quash the impugned charges best before the High Court of Telangana. If the chargesheet has been filed falsely, they may be punished but at Telangana.

If any court finds that the charges made in connection with the commission of the offence under section 498a of the IPC are false, tight action should be taken against the accused persons. It will deter people from going back to court with unclean hands and ulterior motives. Criminal charges should be brought against all officials who cooperate with falsely inculpating girls and their parent families.

In the case where there are false allegations put on the men by his wife and he has proved innocent in the eyes of the law. He can fight the case misuse of 498A. The Indian government and jurisprudence continue to incorporate inputs to protect women, and men are not ignored by law either. Justice still takes precedence over injustice.

Thus, the men whose reputation is defamed with false allegations that opt for some legal recovery measures and seek protection from Section 498A IPC. These are:

Under Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code, the husband can file a defamation lawsuit;

Under Section 9 of the CPC, the husband can file a claim for recovery of damages which he and his family have been subjected to for the false allegations of cruelty and abuse;

Section 182 of the IPC is one of the safeguards against false 498A cases widely used. If the authority considers that the averages rendered were invalid, under Section 182 of the IPC, the culprit is sentenced to 6 months or fine imprisonment, or both. The person will be charged for misleading false information on the part of the judiciary.

Reference: Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code
Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code
Section 182 of the Indian Penal Code



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