What are the ways one can get NOC for business?If even the grampanchayat has denied?


First you need to apply for Non Objection Certificate for your business by written mode before Grampanchayat.

If Grampanchayat not take any decision within 60 days of application. it’s presump to Non Objection Certificate. but if the reject your application for Non Objection Certificate you need to file application before CEO or collector for Non Objection Certificate.

Ministry of Rural Development, Maharashtra has recently issued a circular on 19th OctoberÕ20, which supersedes all its earlier circulars , regarding obtaining Non Objection Certificate from Grampanchayat to get Non Agricultural ( NA) status to Agriculture land in the rural area.

The new directives given by the state Government to obtain Non Objection Certificate is more cumbersome and time consuming feels COSIA Vidarbha Chapter,as stated by its Chairman Shri.Mayank. Shukla.

The basic purpose of converting agricultural land to Non Agricultural status is to utilise non productive land to make it usable for some other purpose like; industrial,residential, public utility, or recreational activities in that area.

The new circular directs the Non Objection Certificate applicant to apply at the respective grampanchayats and if the permission is not granted within 30 days , they may approach BDO ( Block Development Officer) after the lapse of this period and within 60 days, the authorities at Block Development Officer will study the matter and ask for clarifictions/objections to respective Grampanchayats and act upon it within 30 days from the date of approaching Block Development Officer.

The new procedure is not only time consuming but involves one more Government authorities,which may also lead to unfair practice.Chamber of Small Industry Associations feels that only one Goverment Authority should be jurisdictional authority to grant permission and issue Non Objection Certificate to carry out non-agricultural activities in the rural area.

Reference: Bombay Village Panchayat Act,1958



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