What are the tenants right to Residents Welfare Association?


Basically RWA elections are held for the residents and owner of the apartments. Tenents are not included in RWA elections as they are neither owners nor permanent residents of the society. Tenancy is only for a specific period of time and the agreement can be terminated anytime by any party.

The procedure of RWA Registration:
The process for RWA registration is:-
– Prepare Documents – Prepare All The Required Documents According To Rules Of State Society Registration Act, State Apartment Act Or Society Registration Act 1860 As The Case Applicable In The Respective State Along With Guidelines Issued Through Registrar.
– Draft Bye-Laws – Prepare A Bye-Law According To Model Bye-Laws’ Asset In The Applicable Act In The State Of Registration.
– File Application With Documents – File Application Alongside Necessary Documents And Bye-Laws With Jurisdictional Registrar.
– Filing Procedure Is Partly Online In A Few States; Otherwise, The Whole Process Is Offline And Need To Visit Registrar Office.
– Pay Fee – Make The Payment Of Government Fees By Online/Cash/Any Other Mode As The Registering Authority Accepts.
– Registration Certificate – Once The Name And Bye-Laws Approved, The Registrar Issues Registration Certificate. This Entire Procedure Takes At Least 25 To 90 Days By The Registrar In The Normal Course.

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