What are the rights of private teachers regarding their salary and working time?


Law of contract has a very vide scope and applied even in agreements between teachers and private school. This law includes concept of offer acceptance mutual assent and consideration. The clauses mention that the provisions are applicable to the teacher. The employment agreement can be considered as a contract and has various terms mentioned regarding the salary, tenure, working hours etc.

As compared to the public school teachers, the private teachers have a very restricted right due to the limited scope of the ones mentioned in the terms of contract of employment and just like any other breach of general contract, this too would be punishable under the provisions of law.

Some of the rights of teachers are:
Minimum wages/ salary which had been stated by the board and the employment contract shall not be below the value mentioned in by the board.
Teachers being general individuals of the nation have their rights to freedom and speech of expression as specified under the constitution with the reasonable restrictions so mentioned.
No discrimination on the grounds of race or gender can be performed against the employees at the workplace.

Teachers have a right to security of tenure which would be subject to contractual conditions.
Teachers have a right against sexual harassment at their work place.
Teachers enjoy rights to freedom of association.
Teaches may exercise their religious rights, subject to certain restrictions to such rights.
Teachers enjoy limited rights to personal privacy.

Legal actions can be taken on denial or infringement of the rights stated above.

Reference: Constitution of India
Indian Contract Act, 1872 – – AHG78 – 202100585 – 38 – 9 – 202100190-20210041-12918


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