What are the remedies if bail is rejected by sessions court?


“You can apply for bail again before the Session court, pleading change in circumstances. You will have to provide sufficient evidence before the court that their has been sufficient change in circumstance. The sessions court will grant the bail if it is satisfied that there is a change in circumstance.

The court can refuse to grant the bail on the grounds of prima facie or reasonable ground to believe that the accused had committed the offence. nature and gravity of the charge. severity of the punishment in the event of conviction.If the sessions court rejectes your application against, fill a bail application before the High Court of your state.

The appeal should be in a written form, it has to be presented by your advocate In the wriiten application , state the suffient grounds on which the bail should be grated. The High Court of your state will grant you can oppurtunty to be hear. While the bail is in proceeding before the court, the police will not be able to arrest you.The High court will grant the bail only if 1, the offence should be bailable 2. the sentance should not be more than 3 year of imprisonment. The appeal has to be filled with 30 days.”

Reference:  – – AHG207 – 202100580 – 112 – 163- 202100179202100211358


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