What are the remedies if an employee absconds and run away with advance salary and documents?


We suggest you to send the employee a notice, thereby declaring him absconding in the notice and also stating that if he fails to report you shall be constrained to lodge a police complaint.

Despite the legal notice, if he fails to respond then you can file a police complaint and suit of recovery against the employee.

f you permit advances, it is advisable to have a payroll advance policy. Having an established policy helps you fairly decide when to give a payroll advance, how much to advance, and what the repayment terms are.

Your salary advance policy should define who is eligible for an advance. You can require employees to work for you for a specific amount of time, have no disciplinary actions against them, or meet other qualifications.

Absconding Letter is an HR document that a company issues to employees who are absent on work for a period more than the limit mentioned in the employment contract. In simple terms, it is a show-cause that a company issues to an employee who has willingly/unwillingly left the work without any prior information.

owed to the employee and government must be paid till the last date of working of the employee. If the absconding employee owes dues to the employer, such as pending loans and advances, pre-paid dues, loaner devices etc, the employer can claim to recover these through the court

Reference: You can right away send him a legal notice with regards to his unprofessional behavior. This is sufficient, you can send him a legal notice and then if he fails to respond you can file a civil suit for specific performance of contract. he can committed an offence of cheating u/s 420 IPC



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