What are the regulation for installation of cctv camera in office female workers also work? will it be considered as breach of privacy?


In my view In their quest to root out and monitor employees, more business owners are becoming tech savvy by installing video cameras to watch them. While the practice is perfectly legal, there are limits to what businesses can video. However the employer should notify its employees that the premises are under surveillance. Hidden cameras are generally not allowed. While employees have a legitimate expectation of privacy in the workplace, this right must be balanced with the rights and interests of the employer.
Employers may use CCTV to monitor the workplace for various reasons. If CCTV is installed in a workplace, the employer should use signage to inform employees of the location of the cameras and to explain the purpose for which they are installed. As CCTV infringes the privacy of the persons captured in the images there must be a genuine reason for installing such a system. If installing such a system, it is required that the purpose for its use be displayed in a prominent position.

You can fix the CCTV Camera in the Reception, Lobby, all the Working place, but you are not permitted to fix CCTV Camera in the Rest Room and private room for Ladies. There is no harm in installation of the cameras for the safety and survelliance purpose as it is very comman practice but there are some limitation and you have to make sure that nobody’s privacy should be invaded by doing so.

Reference: The law governing the case is under Article 21 of the Constitution of India states that ÒNo person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law. every individual shall have a right to his privacy Ñ confidentiality of communication made to, or, by him Ñ including his personal correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraph messages, postal, electronic mail and other modes of communication; confidentiality of his private or his family life.



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