What are the procedure for changing fathers name in Tc certificate?


File an application to the institute which issued that TC with wrong name.
attach the copy of the certificate having the right name of your father.
they will collect old TC and issue fresh TC with the right name.
submit this fresh TC for getting the right TC from MCA institute.

If your pass port office say to give TC you can apply to authority officer to issue you a new TC. But to change father’s name in it you will have to given an affidavit. By this affidavit authority officer can issue you a new TC.

You have to visit the college with an application requesting correction of the mistakes. You have to submit supporting evidence like Xth and Xth certificates, AADHAR Card, PAN Card, Voter Id Card and/or any document of the college (College Identity Card), etc. This will be done without any hassle.

An affidavit duly signed by the applicant and attested by Judicial Magistrate/Notary.
Original newspaper in which name change ad is given.
Prescribed proforma (should be computer typed and not handwritten) with signatures of applicant and two witnesses.

Affidavits can be used for changing the whole name, surname or just a few letters. Keep a copy of the affidavit. This is a crucial document and comes in handy for any future legal formalities.

You cannot change your father’s name, only he can change it. All the steps taken in this regard should have his signature and to be initiated by him though you may assist him. After this you can apply for change of father’s name based on his changed name.

Reference: Registration Act



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