What are the procedure for amalgamation of plots if we want to do it again? and if registration is required?


For non-standardized plots, an applicant will have to seek the revised zoning plan from the office of chief architect.
In case an amalgamated plot is to be restored to its original category, then charges at the rate of 10% of the prevailing collector rates of the size of the amalgamated plot will be charged.

plots, which are adjoining to each other, owned by the same person / legal entity / a
Single Owner; have same Landuse, category and sub-category of allotment and FSI; may
be permitted amalgamation subject to adherence of GDCR provisions.

2. Any existing provision prohibiting amalgamation or sub-division in any scheme policy,
marketing booklet or Agreement to lease shall prevail. Amalgamation / sub-division
shall not be permitted for such cases.

3. Modified Agreement to Lease will be executed, with revised plot boundaries and the
special conditions applicable to the sub-divided plot/is for Amalgamation / Sub-division
with prior consent / approval from Planning Dept*

4. On amalgamation / sub-division, the record date of the amalgamated / sub-divided plots
for computation of the lease period shall be the date of the Agreement to lease of the plot
for which the agreement is executed earlier.

The computation of the Additional Lease
Premium (ALP) for grant of an extension in construction period, after amalgamation /
sub-division shall be governed by the prevailing policy guidelines, framed in this regard.
5. Prior to amalgamation, the owner has to pay ALP and clear all other Estate services dues
for each plot separately.

6 Once the plots are amalgamated / sub-divided and the Modified Agreement is executed,
then the subsequent Transfer charges shall be calculated as per the area of the
amalgamated / sub-divided plot.

7. For plot upto 300 Sq:mtr., Rs.50,000/- shall be recovered as Amalgamation / Subdivision charges, further for all other plots the charges to be recovered shall be
Rs.1,00,000/-. (i.e. The Amalgamation / Sub-division charges for multiple plots shall be
calculated by the formula of “(n-1) x charges”, where ‘n is the number of plots
amalgamated or sub-divided).

8 for constructed premises Administrative charges of Rs.10,000/- for Amalgamation /
Sub-division shall be levied, irrespective of constructed area (i.e. The Amalgamation /
Sub-division charges for constructed premises shall be calculated by the formula of “(n1) x charges”, where ‘nr is the number of units amalgamated or sub-divided).

9. The Plots / Units allotted with concessional rates under schemes, such as EWS / LIG /
sites and services plots under BUDP or other such schemes, of CIDCO, amalgamation /
sub-division will not be permitted.

10. In case of plots with land use of educational, medical, religious, institutional and social
including landuses for benefit of the larger community i.e.. the group of landuses
commonly known as Social Facility plots, amalgamation I sub-division will not be

Reference: General Development Control Regulations (GDCRs) of CIDCO



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