What are the problems faced in getting patta of partitioned property how to proceed?


Tamil Nadu Patta Passbook Act, 1983 Section 3
A Patta is registered by the Tehsildar of that particular area.
To get your name registered under the Patta, you have to make an application to the Tehsildar, requesting him to get your name registered.
He could after examining the application either accept the application or will reject it.
He could either ask you to show the property and would investigate the property by himself or may ask you to provide certain documents which could prove that the new owner of that property is you and then match those with the ones which are available in the revenue office and then change it.

A Patta shall be transferred as soon as the property is sold. The proceedings for the transfer to Patta do take time that is why it is necessary that the procedure shall start as quickly as possible.

The process for transferring of Patta is the same as that of registering a Patta Land.
The person who has bought the land must make an application to the Tehsildar regarding the transfer of name in the Patta.
The Tehsildar may either reject or may accept the application after examination of the property and the documents which have been submitted by the appellant.
The transfer of a Patta of a person who has died either leaving a will or not leaving a will, the Patta needs to be transferred as soon as possible.
The legal heirs, if any, shall approach the Tehsildar with the documents proving to be his legal heirs and make an application for the transfer of Patta Land.
If the person has left a will then the ones who are allotted that property under the will shall approach the Tehsildar as soon as possible to get their name registered under Patta Land, providing him with the copy of the original will and identity proof that you are the beneficiary who has been allotted the property by the testator.

Reference: Section 3Tamil Nadu Patta Passbook Act, 1983



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