What are the legal requisites of building a banquet hall in Uttar Pradesh for commercial purposes?


It is quite a lengthy procedure to obtain a license for a banquet hall.

The procedure is as follows:

(i) Setting up of a sole proprietorship or partnership business entity.

(ii) Obtaining license from the excise Department of the respective state for the Liquor License.

(iii) Obtaining a license from the Local Municipal Authorities.

(iv) A No-Objection Affidavit from the neighbours.

(v) There shall not be any school, hospital or a place of worship should be in the area of particular meters as prescribed by the respective state government.

(vi) Restricitons upon age and sale timing.

(vii) The majority of your space should be used for the restaurant. You cannot have a banquet hall in the netirety of the premises.

(viii) Installation of CCTVÕs that can store footage for up to 3 months.

(ix) Obtaining a license from the Police Commissioner’s office to run a banquet hall.

(x) Obtaining a Trade License from local municipal authority of the respective state.

(xi) Registration under the Shops and Establishments Act of the respective state.

(xii) Obtaining a fire safety license accompanies with a No-objection affidavit from the Fire Department.

(xiii) Registration for Goods and Services Tax.

Therefore, in order to set up a banquet hall, the above mentioned procedure must be followed.

Reference: Shops and Establishments Act of the respective state(s).



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