What are the laws governing celebrating a festival in the common area of society?


Chapter IX, LEVY OF SOCIETY CHARGES (bye-laws 65, 66, and 67), describes the different “Housing Society Charges” that the managing committee may raise from members. These charges are broken down into two categories: “Housing Society Outgoing” and “Establishment of Fund.” The following sub clauses / provisions of the community byelaws, on the other hand, are vague, and many societies believe they have violated them. Bye-Law No 65 (xvii):

Any other charges. Bye-Law No 66 (m): Any other charges approved by the general body at its meeting.

Bye-Law No 67 (xvi) Any other charges: As may be decided by the general body of the society at its meeting. While some members of the society/management committee argue that the ancillary object of housing societies is described as follows in clause (d) of Bye-Law No 5:

ÒTo undertake and provide for, on its own account or jointly with a co-operative institution, social, cultural or recreational activities;Ó Sub clause 5 (C) reads as ÒTo raise funds for achieving the objects of the society;Ó Both provisions contribute to the conclusion that a society should raise funds to achieve its aim, which is to conduct and pay for social, cultural, or recreational activities on its own or in collaboration with a cooperative institution.

Reference: bye-laws 65, 66, and 67 of Model ByeÐLaws of Cooperative Housing Society



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