What are the documents needed to apply for a security guard job?



List of documents needed for a government job are the following:
This a list of documents that you need to submit in original and photocopy. The originals shall be returned after verification.

1.ID Proof:
Candidates can submit their voter ID-Card, passport, Adhaar card etc all these are accepted against ID proof.

2.Residential Proof:
If you are applying for a government job then you must submit a valid document showing that you are a citizen of this country. For this you can submit your pan card, passport, Adhaar card, ration card, Bonafite certificate, electricity bill all these are acceptable documents.

3.Category/ Caste certificates:
OBC/ SC/ ST candidates must submit their caste certificate issued by appropriate authority (as per central govt format).

4.Education Certificate:
Education Certificate depends upon the post you have applied for. If the minimum requirement for the job is 10th pass (metric / SSC) then you have to produce 10th pass certificate. And if the post is for 12th pass ( HSC) then candidate have to provide 12th pass certificate. So candidates should have every year mark sheet after high school.

5.Age Proof:
Age proof document or birth certificate is another important one, you will be asked if jobs are for the specific age group. If you don’t have your birth birth certificate then you can also submit your class 10th school leaving certificate, Adhaar card, pan card all these documents are acceptable.

6.Disability certificate:
If the candidates are differently abled then they have to submit the disability certificate in proper format issued by district medical board.

In case of Ex-Servicemen candidate need to submit the discharge letter along with pension payment order and proof of last held rank to be produced.

So if these are the documents to be submitted for a government job, then for a security guard job also you do not need to provide the original documents. And if you do, they should give it back after verification.

Reference: Documents, Government



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