What are the divorce reservation rules in Rajasthan?


Rajasthan Government has provided rules for enrolment specifically and clearly that at the time of enrolment or submission of application, the conditions of the eligibility must be fulfilled. The current case, inquirer was divorced at the time of application and thus there shall not be any issues in relation to the application form or eligibility. As the department of personnel has clearly mentioned that of the 30% of the reservations to the women, 1/3rd will be to the widows and divorcees to the ratio of 80:20.

The Rajasthan High court on monday through a single judge bench, declared an interim stay to the denial of reservations during the selection of nurse Grade II and auxiliary nurse midwives (ANM).

The Rajasthan high Court also directed the State Governments to file the affidavit and provide information in relation to the circulars issued for the caste certificates provided to SC & ST candidates. Accordingly, 11,000 post of nurse grade II and auxilary nurse midwives (ANM) categories has to be filled.

Reference:  – – – 202100585 – A696 – 207- 20210089202100427683


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