What are the consequences of possesing two ration cards in two different states ?


you need to surrender the any one card before the concern authority with reasonable answer. There is no penalty if you surrender violently. If any complaint lodged against you by person or authority then it could be complected and you faced the charged under Penal Code and punishment could be 2 or 3 years for cheating.

While applying for a Ration Card under the National Food Security Act, 2013 in a particular State, the Applicant is required to give a Declaration to the effect that he does not possess or has not applied for new Ration Card elsewhere under National Food Security Act 2013.

False Declaration therein is an offence and liable for penalty and cancellation of ration card.

The Ration Card though issued by the State Government under the civil supplies/Public Distribution System, regulated by the Central Government.

As per the norms, the Ration Card is issued under different categories like BPL/APL for distribution of essential commodities through fair price shops under the PDS, and one the requirement is domicile.

Therefore, one cannot avail this benefit twice especially in different states and it may amount to holding bogus ration card. Further although in practice the Ration Card is used as an identification proof ( I had emphasized this as an incidental use), use of the Ration Card as the proof of identification is also precluded under the Public Distribution System (Control) Order 2001.

Reference: National Food Security Act, 2013



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