What are the charges of a lawyer to clear my traffic challan and the documents to be submitted should be original or pictures would work?


Covid pandemic have affected the court sessions, it was already difficult during normal times to go to court and pay fines but now due to the pandemic people fear attending courts more than even and ignore the fines which is not the way to solve court issues because fine has to paid under Motor Vehicles Act,1988 and amendment act 2005 or they can pile up and cost people a fortune or even

The courts are not able to give priority to minor traffic challans cases so, to resolve these issues and to make court proceedings and payment of traffic challans easier and faster, different state governments have formed websites for payment of challan and virtual courts where people can attend courts while staying at home safely and people are even sent challans online and not physically.

In this case, it is not necessary for the man/woman to go to court physically and he can just pay his dues online on the e-challan website of his/her respective state or present his case in court virtually and details for the payment would be written on the challan notice or the physical challan provided by the traffic police and the documents that are to be submitted would be submitted online and since there is no need to go to the court there is no need to hire a lawyer but if one still wants to, they can and each lawyer has different rates for each hearing or time spent helping the clients.

Reference: Motor Vehicles Act,1988

Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2005 – 202100488-20210039-1182



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