What are Advantages and disadvantages of Mutual Consent Divorce?


Advantages –
A divorce through mutual consent can be taken care by only one attorney for both the parties who will represent each spouses, ensuing in cheaper charges for each events.
It is likewise extra affordable, because of requiring fewer steps to finish than a Divorce for Cause, ensuing a decrease in legal professional fees.

It is short and fast. we live in a society wherein time is vital, that’s why as soon as a choice is made to get divorced, it is very essential to make the process as brief as possible.
When mutual divorce is involved, A short date is given and set by the law and is an interesting quality. Processing a separation via this kind of divorce lets in a sentence to be reached in a totally brief time.
Moreover, in terms of Divorce through Mutual Consent, the system isn’t always prolonged and it is viable to gain a sentence in a single month.

There is genrally no downside as the divorce is said to be through mutual consent. Both parties will be asked to produce a joint affiadvit and no blame will aimed at any other parties to any of the celebration situation and after the decree of divorce both parties are free from any allegations.
Consent is the important thing again and so there’s no downside as such

Reference: Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 – – AHG118 – 202100580 – 58 – 59 – 202100181202100414186


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