What actions can you take against University not giving degree?


If a student believes that an educational institution or educational authority, such as teachers, lecturers, professors, or any other staff of a school, college, or university in India, has acted in a discriminatory, illegal, unlawful, or torturous manner, he can file a lawsuit against the college/university.

Make an online complaint about ragging in a college or university. The University Grants Commission provides this service (UGC). Students and parents can submit an online application form that includes information such as the complainant’s name, the victim’s name, an email address, a phone number, the college’s name, and ragging records, among other things.

The university can deaffiliate the college for future courses at the most. You and other impacted students must file a case to contest the university’s action by submitting both the written and spoken arguments.

If students are dissatisfied with their university’s supplier, they can file a complaint with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education. Students can take this a step further by filing a consumer rights lawsuit against their university. As a party to the litigation, the university and the college are involved. You have the option of requesting compensation for a delayed outcome.

You can submit a police report and a writ petition against the college, requesting that the funds be refunded as well as compensation for harassment. Attempt to hire an advocate to contact the college via legal notices in order to file a complaint against it.

Reference: Indian Penal Code – – AHG227 – 202100581 – 124 – 94 – 2021001202021004211287


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