Wants to cancel HAKKA SOD PATRA (Relinquishment deed),What are the procedures?


If it was legally executed then chances are very limited and that also if your mother had given him on the basis of free will then the scope for further proceeding stands extinguished. If it was obtained fraudulently then file a civil suit.If your property is an ancestral property and you were below 18 years of age at the time of registering the said Hakka Sod Patra you can definitely challenge the same before the Court in respect to your share in the property. If your mother is still alive she can also challenge the same.

You can issue the notice to them whoes favor you make a hakka sod patra and cancelled your hakkasod patra by way of that document destroy it and also given an application to the ragisterar office where you ragistered that hakka sod Patra.A relinquishment deed cannot be revoked. However, it can be challenged on certain grounds in the courts of law.In case of a relinquishment deed, it can be challenged based on the same grounds used for revoking a general contract. It can be Fraud, Undue Influence, Coercion and Misrepresentation. It is also important that both the parties give their consent to the cancellation.As per the law, if you have executed and registered a legally valid Relinquishment Deed, then you can not cancel it now, 2. You can not claim back your share of the property which you had relinquished long back under any ground.

Reference: section 17 of the Registration Act of 1908



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