Torture by bank what should i do?


You may file a complaint against such unethical cause done from the end of the authority issuing of the Credit Card without your consent and concurrence with CIBIL authority as well to the customer care services department of the issuance authority and also mark the copy to consumer grievance cell of the area which is coming under your jurisdiction and mark out a copy to the Local Police Station of your area also.If the authority will not respond to your complaint in that event file a criminal complaint in the appropriate forum.i have follow your complain, your complain has absolute merit to chase the wronging /wrong statements constantly by the said agencies against you , you have legitimate legal grounds to get the absolute result.

you can file a complaint with the nearest police station. The complaint filed must be against the bank and if the case is refused to be rejected by the police, the next person who can be approached is the Magistrate.The person can also go for filing an injunction suit in Civil Court, a civil one against the bank. This remedy can be sought to stop the bank officials from unnecessarily visiting the premises of the credit card holder for recovering the dues. RBI has issued guidelines governing the recovery agents for the purpose of approaching the credit card holder at default. Thus, if the conduct of bank officials seems threatening, the person can file a complaint with the RBI.If the bank officials repeatedly call the customer, he can legally file a case of extortion against the bank official for forcefully taking the money.

You can file a report with your are police station that bank people are threatening you. Make this a priority, and if they don’t entertain your complaint than submit a complaint with the police commissioner in writing and do take acknowledgement. after this you can call to the bank and tell them how you want to settle the issue with them. you can definitely ask them for some time to make payment. bank cannot pressurise you unnecessarily.

Reference: The law governing the case is Section 35 A of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by RBI with effect from 1995, Banking Regulation Act 1949 is an act passed in the year 1949 for the purpose of regulating banks across the country. It was earlier called banking companies act 1949, and later in 1966 it came to be known as the banking regulation act 1949.



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