Procedure to transfer SRA flat from my father’s name to my sister’s name


Approach the nearest SRA office that has territorial jurisdiction to assist you with the request. You can ask them requirements for compliance. The property left behind by your father shall devolve equally on all his legal heirs. SRA scheme allows one house for one family. Father’s house can go to Mother /Brother /Sister. Succession certificate is required only for movable property and casualty for immovable property. For transferring immovable property you shall have to obtain a legal heirship certificate from the Tahsildar. After obtaining a legal heirship certificate you may apply for transfer of all the records to you both jointly. The nominee does not become the absolute owner of the property. … He has no power, authority or title to alienate the property to the exclusion of the other legal heirs of the deceased member. Since your father died intestate, the property will be divided equally among all class I heirs, including you, your brother. According to the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, your daughter has a legal right over her father’s ancestral property. The following persons are considered legal heirs and can claim a legal heir certificate under Indian Law: Spouse of the deceased. Children of the deceased (Son/ Daughter) Parents of the deceased.

Reference: Hindu Succession Act, 1956



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