Procedure to change DOB in CBSE marksheet


You can not extrade your date of start to your magnificence tenth certificates, the best manner out for you is to get a sparkling start certificates via way of means of writing an software to the municipal officer that your start certificates become now no longer issued on the time of start because of you being born in a faraway area. Also, all packages for correction in date of start will should be submitted to the CBSE chairman. Earlier, modifications in name/surname or date of start might be completed via way of means of affidavit accompanied via way of means of commercial in newspapers. For it you’ll should observe both in Municipal Corporation or to your Panchayat citing your actual date of start. After it get a testimony from Notary regarding your date of start. Submit these types of to your district instructional office. You can observe for rectification of date of start with the faculty government primarily based totally at the authentic start certificates, the faculty government will refuse to just accept your request, after this you may record a fit for maintaining your accurate date of start and additionally to direct the faculty instructional government to amend the date .firstly, DOB wishes to be modified in the yr of the announcement of end result and no request is taken after the yr. you need to comply with a procedure,first down load the software to be had on CBSE internet site for extrade of DOB, take the print out and fill the software as consistent with required information approximately you. you’ve got got to say the proper DON with referred to DOB in mark sheet. Along this you’ve got got tell approximately the error to the faculty main. Once main get hold of the software ,he can confirm it and put up it with the faculty stamp.Then the software can be directed to the CBSE after verification after which DOB can be rectified and new mark sheet can be introduced to the faculty.

Reference: Civil Procedure Code, 1908 – – AHG45 – 202100553 – 24 – 53 – 202100982021004222237


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