Private school not issuing TC & mark sheet & demanding money what can i do ?


Hello, I hope youÕve been well. According to your issue the private school is not giving Transfer Certificate and mark sheet they are demanding more amount of money. Firstly I think you need to talk to the principal meet her or take an online appointment regarding the same and find whatÕs the reason behind not giving the Transfer Certificate & Mark sheet and why they are demanding money. Tell them to give in writing the appropriate reason for not giving Transfer Certificate & Mark sheet.

Section 5 (3) of Right to Education tells us that ÒThe head teacher or in charge of the school shall immediately issue Transfer Certificate to a child seeking transfer to any school and the delay in producing transfer certificate shall not be a ground for either delaying or denying admission in such other school. The school is acting illegally. No child should discontinue education because of the delay in issuing a transfer Certificate. Send a legal notice through an advocate to the principal for demanding money and not issuing Marks sheet and Transfer Certificate and if that doesnÕt work then you can file a complaint with the district educational officer under whose control the School falls.

I hope this is helpful. Looking forward for your response

Reference: Section 5 (3) of Right to Education



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