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Property disputes are highly prevalent because of legal disagreements for many reasons such as:

  • Builder fraud,
  • Title ownership,
  • Legitimate ownership,
  • Property boundary disputes,
  • Liability for construction repairs / damages,
  • Matrimonial Rights,
  • Society issues, etc

My legal services include:

  • Do Consultation regards your case / legal query
  • Discuss the various options available for you, and the timeline and expected costs for each
  • Help you understand the best option considering time involved, lawyer and legal cost and expected outcome
  • Review the arrangement, documents, or any correspondence, available
  • Confirm a property's legal ownership and determine the claims on the property
  • If applicable, review the mortgages, liens, judgements, or unpaid taxes
  • Check details of any existing easements, restrictions or leasing affecting the property
  • Review applicability of legal rules to your case, such as caveat emptor rules
  • Notify of there seems to be any issue regards the property
  • Check status of property, any pending dues, any past issues which can lead to additional litigation, etc

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Please read FAQ before Booking the Service

Lawyer Fees is based on:

  • Case complexity
  • Stage of the case / issue
  • Documents available (Eg Contracts, email, invoices, etc)
  • Availability of Proof & Evidences
  • Any communication received by you / made by you (Eg Calls, Whatsapp Chat, recordings, Video, etc)
  • Any payment / amount involved (Eg Contracts for payment, bank transactions, any online payments, etc)
  • And case / complaint / FIR filed by you / against you

I have over 8500+ satisfied customers on this trusted platform, and my client base is growing every day thanks to my high-quality services.

If you believe that your case / legal query is HIGHLY SPECIFIC, please send me a message BEFORE booking.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Fequently asked questions

Do you offer FREE consultation?

Yes. I do offer FREE consultation. I absolutely understand that as my client, I need to understand your case, and discuss the possible legal options. Please send me a MSG and we can agree on 1st FREE consultation

Without understanding your case and legal remedies to be implemented, it is not possible to provide you a price estimate. During the consultation, depending on the case, and agreed legal option, we will be able to provide you the best possible price.

Yes, absolutely. I typically work with fixed fee model - where I provide you the complete cost upfront.

(Step 1) - You can Book the Service. (Step 2) - I will call you within 15 mins of Booking. (Step 3) - During the consultation, I will discuss your case, and let you know the legal options. (Step 4) - I will let you know the expected cost and timeline. (Step 5) - We can agree on any further meetings required to take the case forward. (Step 6) - Once you confirm, we will then proceed to work on your case. You can pay on LAWAYZ and book the service here. Enjoy the transparent pricing and service

I will call you from my mobile number. You can save the number. If the call gets dropped or if you need any consultation later, you can reach out to me on the same mobile number.

Yes, absolutely. I will provide complete legal services - consultation, drafting, notice, mediation, court representation, litigation, etc

Yes, I am available on Video Calls

Yes, I have an office, which you can visit at an agreed appointment time.

Yes. I can help you with the drafting of legal notice. Thereafter, you can send the legal notice yourself.

Yes, absolutely. We will provide you an invoice. It will be available on your Dashboard here on The invoice will also be emailed to you.

Once you book the consultation Service, you can share documents: (1) On the Lawayz Dashboard Online (2) You can share on my Whatsapp Number. (3) You can Email it to me. You can accordingly share the documents as appropriate.

Please contact support on +91-836-959-1430 and we will resolve all your queries.

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Zavier HK
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Advocate did more than expectations.. Thanks