Is there any legal action can be taken if an employee absconds during probation period?


Absolutely yes. Absconding is an unethical practice as per the employer and employee relationship. An action in against this act can taken by the employer/ company based on the employment contract which is there in between you and the employer. It could be an action for civil wrongs as well as criminal wrong or both.

You will need to share the contract with this forum members to be able to tell you what action the management could take against you in this case.

Commonly the management would recover a fixed amount of money to be paid by the employee if he were to leave the company within the probation period, otherwise the relieving letter and F & F will not be issued until such time.

So take a copy of your contract meet an advocate in person and understand your pros and cons.

Legal action includes a suit for breach of contract. that is a civil case and you can fight it if the same is filed.

From my experience I can tell that 10% companies file suit against the employee, that too when there is some loss out of such exit of the employee.

Also if you have not served the notice period you may ask them to take the salary for the said number of days and close the matter.

Reference: Indian Contract Act



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